Frequently Asked Questions

How to Register to Strimio?
Currently, you can register to Strimio from our desktop app.
How much does Strimio cost?
Strimio is free to use, no credit card required, and no ads.

You can, however, sign up for an optional paid Pro subscription if you'd like to use features that only available to Pro subscribers like Strimio Connect, video streams, and many more, you can view our full list of features on our plans page.
How much is Strimio Pro?
We currently offer monthly and annual subscriptions. The monthly subscription costs $4.99 USD and renews each month. The annual subscription costs $49.99 USD and renews each year.​
Why is the stream I'm trying to listen to buffering all of the time?
You may experience frequent buffering if your network connection doesn’t have enough bandwidth for your stream.
How can I suggest a new stream?
If you are sure that the stream you are looking for isn’t on Strimio already, you can send us an email at and let us know which stream you’d like us to add.
Why do some streams feature what's playing and others don’t?
Some streams show what is playing in their streaming link (metadata), while others don’t feature this info. This depends from stream to stream.
I'm hearing commercials on live streams, why?
The commercials you're hearing are part of the broadcaster's stream.
What happens at the end of my free trial?
At the end of your free trial of Strimio Pro, you'll be automatically billed for your first month or first year of the service, depending on which subscription you opted into.
What happens when I unsubscribe from the Pro plan?
When you are canceling your Pro subscription plan, your account will automatically downgrade to the Free plan at the end of the subscription period (it is based on your pay cycle, for example, if the plan starts on the 12th you will have the Pro plan until 12th) if you are within the trial period your account will be downgraded to the Free plan immediately.

Your PRO library will be saved, you will not have access to it until you will re-subscribe to the Pro plan.